Aaron Stevenson

Investment Advisor

Aaron Stevenson

Senior Investment Advisor

Aaron graduated with an Aeronautical Engineering degree in the UK and previously led a successful high flying 9-year career at a world-leading aircraft manufacturer, performing in different managerial positions fundamentally as an aerospace engineer, before turning his hand to financial services.

Aaron moved to the UAE gaining numerous wealth management qualifications ranging from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) to Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). He aims to provide clients with solutions to their pension and retirement plans, as well as giving expert advice to enable wealth generation from investments whilst ensuring they reduce their overall costs and portfolio efficiency in line with each client’s risk profile.

Away from work, Aaron is a fitness enthusiast, spending most mornings in the gym. He also enjoys travelling and exploring new surroundings.


  • 4+ Years Experience
  • CISI and CII Qualifications
  • Frequent Traveller

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