Taking stock: Brite’s market update

While the global economic recovery continues to unfold, the year’s 3rd quarter has seen a slower global growth rate. It’s been an interesting time for investors as governments and economies deal with the fallout of the global pandemic. For example, the US economy grew at a moderate 2% below the revised 2.8% which was expected. This is after exceptional growth in Q1 & Q2

Rebooting your retirement after covid

We are emerging. With the vaccine rollout around the world giving us back more of our freedoms, we are making bigger steps towards ‘normal’ than we have done in a long time. But the way we went into the pandemic is not the way we will come out. Time to take stock of what is important – for our health, wealth and happiness. No

Taking stock – Brite’s market update

Stocks in all major markets have been performing well in recent months as economic conditions improve and some governments ease covid restrictions. The immunisation program in many countries is gathering pace with over 2.4 billion doses of vaccines administered globally. The UK is 59.5% fully vaccinated and the US it’s currently 44%. Italy’s National Institute of Health has encouragingly found that infections, hospitalizations and