How to make smart investing your New Years’ resolution in 2023

If you planned to make 2022 your year to invest, but it didn’t come to fruition – don’t be too hard on yourself. Last year brought about many surprises, including higher-than-expected inflation, volatile market conditions, and geopolitical uncertainty, mainly from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But 2023 can still be your year to start investing the right way by setting yourself achievable goals to grow

500,000 UK pensioners abroad set to miss out on largest state pension rise

During the Autumn Statement a couple of weeks ago, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, promised that pension payments would go up by 10.1% starting from April next year. This rise in pension payments ensures that pensions keep pace with inflation, raising the total rise by £14.85 per week. However, around half a million UK pensioners won’t receive and benefit from the UK’s largest