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Brite Advisory Group Limited is a company incorporated in Hong Kong under incorporation number 2202650. It has owned subsidiaries in Australia, ACN 135 024 412, with Australian Financial Services License number 337670 and Securities and Exchange Commission registration in the United States under number 801-110970; and in Hong Kong, incorporation number 1633223, with a Securities and Futures Commission Licence number AYD086.

Brite has taken all reasonable steps and reasonable care in producing the information and statements issued on this website but accept no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions, or misstatements. Brite and its representatives have provided opinions, forecasts and recommendations based on information available at the time of issue and hold the right to change their judgement and assumptions at any time and without notice.

All information, both general and advice about investments and Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”), is produced by Brite and any information, inclusive of all material provided on this website, does not and will not take in to account your personal and financial circumstances, your needs, or your objectives. Consequently, the suitability of any such information should be taken in to consideration along with your circumstances before you commit to any actions based upon any said advice.

Should you wish to act upon the advice of Brite, you can do so by applying for personal investment advice via brite-advisors.com. Brite will then, and only then, assess your personal circumstances and your suitability for a “Model Portfolio” offered as part of our service. Should you be deemed appropriate for the services of Brite you will subsequently be provided with a service agreements and an extensive set of terms and conditions.

Please note that you should review any and all document before proceeding with the advice offered and the services provided. Once you have decided to act upon the advice and services of Brite, you are required to sign an agreement and return it as instructed. Additional documents will be provided along the way.

There is always risk involved in purchasing financial products.

There is always risk involved in purchasing financial products.

There is no guarantee of the future performance of financial products regardless of previous performance.

It is recommended you read the following legal documents before making any application:

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