Transferring A Pension

Brite specialise in transferring UK pensions overseas and we have prepared these simple guides for you you to read. If you’re thinking of moving your UK pension abroad it’s worth understanding first what makes a good pension scheme.

The biggest drag on pension performance is high fees. That’s why we combine world class pension advice with low fees so you keep more of your money.

For this reason even if you have already done a QROPS or international SIPP transfer, reviewing your plan is essential to ensure your money is performing to its optimum.

We can consolidate all your pensions into one pot, and you can view your pension wherever you are, at any time, 24/7.

We build a pension solution to suit you and are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial and retirement goals.

These guides should help you with the essentials so you can make an informed decision about your retirement plans. As always we are on hand to give you the best advice.

Transferring UK pensions
to Australia

Transferring UK pensions to Australia is very popular with many expats as it provides greater control over retirement money. Brite offer specialist, Australian based advice.

Why Transfer Your Uk Pension To Australia With Brite ?

  • Transfer of UK pension benefits to an Australian superannuation
  • Potential increased tax efficiency
  • Consolidation with current superannuation, and potentially partner’s too
  • For existing UK defined benefit (final salary) pensions, this could lead to improved death benefits, earlier access, potential avoidance of poor UK pension scheme finances, as well as a chance to benefit from all-time-high transfer values
  • For existing UK defined contribution (personal) pensions, this could lead to improved investment and risk control and improved death benefits
  • Minimising the effects of the UK life-time allowance for larger pension pots
  • Foreign exchange control in a multi-currency superannuation
  • Cost efficient transfer process and ongoing management
  • Quality ongoing investment management with risk control
  • View investment performance on our mobile app
  • A local, qualified partner that understands both UK and Australian pension rules

Brite is the leading Australian pension transfer specialist



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Transferring UK pensions
to South Africa

If you’ve worked in the UK and now live in South Africa – whether as a British expat or a South African who spent time in the UK – then you may want to incorporate and consolidate your UK pensions into your retirement plans using a recognised scheme.

This Can Be A Very Popular Move And Have Benefits Such As:

  • This could lead to improved death benefits, improved risk control and earlier access.
  • Minimising the effects of the UK life-time allowance for larger pension pots
  • Foreign exchange control
  • Cost efficient transfer process and ongoing management
  • Quality ongoing investment management
  • View investment performance online
  • A local, qualified partner that understands both UK and SA pension rules

However, it is a good idea to ensure it is done by a company that is backed by the proper regulatory and legal framework.

Brite Advisors South Africa Pty Ltd is one such company and complies, amongst other legislation, with the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002 (FAIS), which has a strong emphasis on consumer protection.

Some Applicable And Appropriate Requirements Of
The Fais Legislation Are:

  • be licensed to furnish advice, and/or render any intermediary services, or both, relating to financial products
  • compliance with the prescribed fit and proper criteria to ensure integrity, skill and competencies
  • following the standards of market conduct
  • acceptance of responsibility for the activities of employed and/or mandated representatives
  • annually audit financial records
  • maintenance of client and other records for prescribed periods
  • appropriate Insurance cover
  • an internal complaints resolution process and policy.

Brite is both a Category I and II licenced Financial Services Provider which authorises it to provide both advice and intermediary services of a discretionary nature.

The Financial Products for which Brite is authorised to provide Financial Services can be viewed on the Financial Services Conduct Authority’s (FSCA) web-page

Brite can enable retirement solutions by transferring your UK pension(s) into a number of International Self-invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs), or HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) approved overseas Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (QROPS), depending on your personal needs and the suitability of the products to address your personal circumstances.

Brite can further offer you retirement and wealth planning suitable for your international mobile lifestyle via Guernsey’s ‘Section 40(ee)’ international retirement plans or through direct investments into international bespoke or discretionary managed portfolio investments.

We only invest into FSCA approved funds and ETFs, aligned with the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act 45 of 2002. Our bespoke portfolios have authority to invest directly in listed equities – only if listed on major, recognised indices.