Transferring UK Pensions To South Africa

If you’ve worked in the UK and now live in South Africa – whether as a British expat or a South African who spent time in the UK – then you may want to incorporate and consolidate your UK pensions into your retirement plans using a recognised scheme.

If you’ve worked in the UK and are considering a move to South Africa (or are already a South African resident/citizen), then we should be able to help you make the best decision on which scheme to invest in. For expert and professional advice with transparency in respect of fees, look no further than Brite!

UK Pension Transfers for South African residents

Transferring your UK pension into an overseas pension scheme is something many expats choose to do, as it can be quite lucrative, depending on the type of overseas plan you choose and your country of residency. However, before deciding to undergo the transfer process, you need to be aware of the South African pension legislation and regulation as well as the fees that will apply, so it’s important to educate yourself first.

The Benefits of Choosing Brite to Transfer Your Pension Overseas

If you live in South Africa, transferring your UK pension overseas brings with it a host of benefits, especially if you plan to see out your retirement there.

  • Expansion of choices – A pension transfer could lead to increased death benefits – improved risk control and earlier access to savings
  • Foreign exchange control – Multiple currency options are available when you want to withdraw your pension income

Some Applicable & Appropriate Requirements of the FAIS
Legislation are:

  • be licensed to furnish advice, and/or render any intermediary services, or both, relating to financial products
  • compliance with the prescribed fit and proper criteria to ensure integrity, skill and competencies
  • following the standards of market conduct

Get the Most Out of Your Pension With Brite

Brite are the leading UK pension transfer specialists for South African residents, and we’ve helped many people to make the right decision about transferring their savings and pension funds to an overseas pension scheme. We know what we’re doing, and we do it well.

We only advise on our pension schemes that are regulated, and we promise to be completely transparent throughout every step of the process, with no hidden fees added. Why settle for poor advice when you could work with a professional and trusted organisation like us? 

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